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Announcement: 7th Controling Conference

controllingOn 8th of June this year, 7th Controlling Conference will take place at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb. Conference is organized by Poslovna učinkovitost in cooperation with Poslovna inteligencija. Controlling represents an extremely important function in management support in managing the business companies. In order for controlling to be successfully fulfilling its mission in business practices, controlling and management must know the latest trends in controlling and apply modern knowledge of controlling. The goal of this conference is to provide practical recommendations based on the presentation of renowned domestic and foreign experts from business practice and based on the book "CONTROLLING IN PRACTICE - Recent trends in controlling" to enhance the existing level of knowledge and facilitate the application of modern knowledge in controlling in practice. Moderator of the conference will be Member of the Board of Poslovna inteligencija, Lidija Karaga. Among many interesting presentations and lectures, director of consulting for Performance Management, Slađana Krpić will give a lecture titled "Big Data and predictive analytics - drivers of transformation controlling". Early registration for the event are available here, secure your place today and learn what is new in controlling!

Ferari Project review

ferari ekipaOn 15th of March, Professional and Commercial Audit in Luxembourg, assessed the FERARI project in all deliverables during the second year of operation, both from scientific and technological aspects of the project. The reviewers are convinced that FERARI project has both technical excellence and a huge potential for exploitation and impact. FERARI is a research project aimed to define architectures and develop algorithms for efficient, real-time Big Data technologies of the future. Leader of the FERARI project consortium is Fraunhofer - (IAIS), and consortium members are TECHNION – Israel Institute of Technology, IBM Israel, Technology University of Crete, Croatian Telecom and Poslovna Inteligencija. PI is the holder of the dissemination work package and it participates in three more developmental work packages. On this occasion PI represented Integration of the CEP Optimizer demo, Distributed Counting on telco CDR Data Demo and Fraud Use Case Demo Prototype. The planned duration of the project is 36 months, and we are now in our 3rd year. We hope the project will continue as successfully as in 1st and 2nd year. Congratulations to the entire team!

Find additional information of the project at the official FERARI website.

Announcement: Tableau Desktop Fundamentals education

CaptureOn 28th and 29th of April, in partnership with Poslovna inteligencija, Algebra Open University organizes Tableau Desktop Fundamentals training. Education is ideal for business users, data scientists, analysts, bloggers, journalists, and for those who want to learn simple way to analyze and visualize their data. Education consists of two days of training under the guidance of certified Tableau Desktop coach Hrvoje Gabelica and is designed to show participants how to visually and analytically display data using Tableau Desktop tools. Education goes into detail showing how to use the powerful Tableau Software platform for visual analytics and business intelligence to see and understand data like never before. Participants will learn how to connect to multiple data sources, enrich them with calculations and metrics and display them using the techniques of visual analytics. Previous knowledge of Tableau Desktop is not necessary, just a basic knowledge of Excel and basic mathematical operations, and the desire and enthusiasm for learning. After completing the training, participants will gain knowledge that will enable them to apply the best practices of data visualization, connect to various data sources (Excel, relational database, Big Data), manipulate data and make data model in Tableau Desktop, how to display different types of data visualization and a lot more. Sign up today and book your place here!

Announcement: Data Science Monetization Conference

data zagrebData Science Monetization Conference will take place on 13th and 14th of April in Hypo Center in Zagreb. President of the Board of Poslovna inteligencija, Dražen Oreščanin, will give a lecture on Data Lake architecture in the Telecommunications sector, and Marko Štajcer, Director of Innovation and Development at PI, will lead a keynote presentation on FERARI project and FERARI hands-on lecture on the second day of the conference. Among numerous workshops, panels and discussions, participants will be informed on how to increase productivity by applying best Data Science practices and methods. Conference will be excellent chance for networking with experts and sharing best practices. Forward thinking organization will be given a right tool to deal with challenges better than ever before. Conference is intended for company owners, people with basic or advance skills in IT, managers, people interested in modern business science, students and everybody else. We invite you to join us and  sing up for Conference here.

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Najava: Bird Academy 2016

Najava: Bird Academy 2016
Rok za prijavu na BIRD Academy 2016 je produljen do 22.05.2016! Prijavite se što prije jer predavanja počinju 06.06.2016! Vidite...

Announcement: 7th Controling Conference

Announcement: 7th Controling Conference
On 8th of June this year, 7th Controlling Conference will take place at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb. Conference is organized...

New PI partner: ServisCo

New PI partner: ServisCo
ServisCo has become new PI partner for DWH models for Australia, New Zealand and South Asia region. ServisCo is a Professional...

Our view on controlling in Controlling magazine

Our view on controlling in Controlling magazine
4th issue of this year’s Controlling magazine brings report from the 3rd ICV Controller Congres and article „Controlling...


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Through education and training we allow our clients to completely utilize implemented tools in everyday business. We provide trainings for specific tools, DWH and BI methodologies and tailor made training for the purposes of specific projects.


We provide services needed for successful design, development and implementation of Big Data Processing and Analytics systems. Big data analytics is the concept of data analysis and deriving useful information from large volumes of data that is rapidly being generated in modern business.


MDM system provides a holistic, single view of foundational business entities, commonly referred to as master data such as customers, employees, citizens, locations and products. Successful MDM projects facilitate better operational efficiency, higher customer loyalty and successful compliance efforts.


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Nearshoring services

Our company is providing nearshoring development services for implementation of DWH/BI/PM systems for clients in different countries in EU. We can combine shorter on-site visits with majority of the activities done off-site through secure connection.



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