Piše: Matea Bešlin / 02. 01. 2018.

Consent Lifecycle Manager – Upravljanje privolama u stvarnom vremenu

Podrazumijeva li usklađenost s GDPR-om upravljanje privolama u stvarnom vremenu saznajte u novom članku direktora konzaltinga Marijana Bračića,  objavljenom na službenom blogu Poslovne inteligencije ! Pročitajte kako Consent Lifecycle Manager pomaže velikom broju organizacija u rješavanju ovog izazova!



Consent Lifecycle Manager is a platform that allows organizations to master consent definitions, purposes, and processing activities, but also provides a way to uniquely identify data subject in all systems. Using Consent Lifecycle Manager makes the organization accountable because it can easily demonstrate who opted-in or opted-out, when and for which purpose, using which system or channel. The risk for an organization is minimized because every action is logged and every change is stored making the organization resilient to unfounded complaints from data subjects. It allows real-time integration between front-end and back-end systems providing in this way real-time consent management.



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