Tisak is the leading Croatian distributor and retailer of daily newspapers, magazines, tobacco products, vouchers for mobile phones and other merchandise. TISAK provides its business partners with a wide array of high-quality services ensuring the safe delivery of products to the customer, with additional marketing services to communicate directly with the customer at the point of sale. Tisak has 2900 employees, more than 950 of its own kiosks and 4300 other sales points. Tisak total annual turnover is more than 400 million €.

Business Intelligence project was facing numerous challenges. Targets that were set for the project were consolidation of data from existing operational applications, creation of Management Information System independent of future operational system changes, information delivery standardization and one version of the truth and enable Controlling department to concentrate on controlling instead of data gathering.

Project was concentrated on three main areas of activity in Tisak – revenue from sales, finance and human resources as main generator of renvenue and costs within the company.

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Tisak – Case study