Author:Matea Bešlin / 10. 05. 2018.

Data Science Economy: Data Driven conference

Data Science Economy conference was held on 17th and 18th of May @HUB385 in Zagreb. This conference is an emphasis on the Data Driven economy where data is the basis of everything and analyzing and decision making the necessity of new digital economy.

The Data Science Economy Conference is the outcome of a need to create a platform for knowledge sharing, best practices, innovations, case study and establishing a dialogue among the practitioners, users and tech vendors. This event was rich with the information about latest methods, tools and best of the practices in the world of data science.

Third year in a row, this conference gathered more than 30 foreign and local experts from which more than 300 participants were able to hear experiences and business examples from some of the world’s largest companies. As keynote speakers at the conference were Don Bracanto, Chief Technologist from Microfocus, then Stephanie Locke, CEO & Data Science Consultant from Locke Data and Vuk Vuković, CEO & CoFounder of ORACLUM.

Among other experts from Data Science world you were able to listen to lectures from two of our experts – Marijan Bračić, Data Privacy department director in Poslovna inteligencija, who told us more about Data Privacy and Monetization in the age of GDPR and on the second day of conference, Tomislav Hlupić, consultant in Microsoft department of Poslovna inteligencija held a lecture about Big Data and its Impact on Data Warehousing.

High-quality analyses that result in conclusions based on a large number of collected data are becoming more and more important for the core business of each organization. The data offers the answer to all business and operational issues, but they must be collected and interpreted in the correct way. Business strategy and new development goals are determined according to the previously collected data, and this is where the power of data lies. If you weren’t aware of the power that data has, on Data Science Economy Conference you’ve surely become.