Our solutions help thousands of people to make the right business decisions. Big Data, Consent Lifecycle Manager, Data Lake or Profitability – we know how to make the most from your business.

Big Data

Transform your data into new business opportunities. We will help you discover and take advantage of new value hidden in your data.

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Data Lake

Data Lake architecture enables the retrieval, processing, and instant transformation of data into valuable and useful information from a single source, on demand.

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Consent Lifecycle Manager

Did you know that in May 2018 a new EU Regulation becomes enforceable? This Regulation radically changes personal data security, individual rights and means of personal data management. You need to decide today will you give your company much needed advantage and prepare yourself for GDPR. Don’t worry – we will tell you everything you need to know and introduce you to Consent Lifecycle Manager– the only tool you will need to manage consents, user requests and all personal data, regardless to the lawful basis for data processing.

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Business success depends on achieving a sufficiently high level of profit. Our solutions will help you increase profitability and take full advantage of your business potential.

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Data Warehouse Models

Obtain your data from different sources and transform them into useful information using our Data Warehouse Models, which will help you in timely decision making and improvement of your business.

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