Business success depends on achieving a sufficiently high level of profit. Our solutions will help you increase profitability and take full advantage of your business potential.

Given the complexity of the notion of profitability, the numerous methods for calculating, and the business requirements for calculating on various levels (such as products, brands, markets, channels, etc.), we have developed our own solution to support profitability calculation.

Pi Profitability Solution is a generic solution based on IBM Planning Analytics platform that is scalable and completely adjustable to any organization and industry and any set of profit centers.

The goal of each enterprise is to make business operations generally profitable – implementing high-quality systems that help you calculate your profitability is a step in the right direction.

Our solution can be linked with other tools currently used in your enterprise (planning and reporting systems) and can be implemented in any industry thanks to its inherent flexibility.

Functional details:

  • Integration with external source systems and automated data load
  • Supports profitability analysis for up to 8 different dimensions which can be
    defined as profit and/or cost centers
  • Contains period locking feature which doesn’t allow historical data change
  • Allows an unlimited number of parallel P&L structures

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PI Profitability Solution

User experience:

  • Contains simple user interface for grouping accounts into allocation and P&L positions
  • Enables detail data analysis before and after the allocation process from the lowest posting level through OLAP user interface
  • Build-In Web and Excel user interface based on organization preferences
  • Includes predefined reports which can be exported into .pdf or Excel file and easily distributed around the company
  • Enables simulations and parallel alternatives which can be easily compared


  • Medium and large companies with a large supply chain and complex structure.

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